Monitor Brand Mentions

Gain insights and brand mentions about Influencers or your business across the world.  

Brand Signals & Brand Mentions

Get a detailed overview of all your Brand Mentions

Discovery & Strategy

Discover new mentions about your brand, a product or your name. Implement new strategies by reaching out to your followers. Gain insights into mentions and implement new strategies that makes your brand grow more.

Monitor your brands

Know exactly when and how someone is talking about you. Stay one step ahead so you can strengthen your brand with Brand Signals ™ Marketing tool. Recieve notifications straight to your inbox.

Interact with your Audience

When you find important mentions that matters the most, hit the Reply button and reach out to those people talking about your brand.

Performance Marketing

When you gain insight of what others thinks of you, your brand or a product that you sell – It becomes easier to understand your audience so that you can take proper actions. 

Monitor Brand Mentions

Monitor Brand Mentions on any website, social media profile or use Brand Signals as a # hashtags tracker.

Social Media Tracker

Social Media Tracking for your brand

With Social Media Tracker you can track your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Qoura, Reddit  and Instagram to name a few.

You can also track your brand on blogs, websites, radio and news sites. Gain insights and know when and what people are saying about you, a product or your brand. 

Monitoring for Quora
Monitoring for LinkedIn
Monitoring for Reddit
Web & Forums
Monitor the Web
Monitoring for Radio
Monitoring for TV
Monitoring for Podcasts
Monitoring for News

up to 40.000 mentions each month

Make your brand grow easily

Easy to use

Brand Signals ™ is easy to use and we made it better, faster and stronger just for you! The dashboard is one of the most simplified overviews you’ll ever get. 

Save, Edit and Reply

Save and edit the mentions that matters the most for your brand. Mark your mentions as “Replied” when you have reached out to your Customers or Followers. 

Clever Features

You can save Brand Mentions as Favorites and Tag each Mention with custom labels. You will also see each mentions labeled as Positive, Negative, Neutral or Unknown.


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I’m having trouble using Brand Signals

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